META DJ and KBJmusik mixing together as The Greenroom Music

The Greenroom is a collaborative musical effort between local Houston area DJ/Producers KBJmusik (Kendrick Johnson) and META (Martin Hansen).
META’s interest in electronic music started in 1996 when he went to his first electronic music festival. This singular event profoundly changed his life and sent him on a journey of discovery to learn everything he could about electronic music and multimedia. Twenty years later and with degrees in Audio Engineering, Film Making, and Digital Communications, META is now poised to take full advantage of his knowledge by applying it back to his first love, electronic music!
KBJmusik, a product of the seventies, was heavily influenced by the music of that era: disco, soul, and funk. This early exposure lead to his later deeper understanding and appreciation for house music. “It’s like they took the music of childhood and modernized it, made it hipper and funkier.” – KBJmusik
KBJmusik and META first meet back in 1999 through mutual friends. They soon found out that they had a lot in common, not to mention their affinity for the same kind of music. They began to practice their DJing skills together and within a year started playing in local bars and lounges. This continued until 2005 when Kendrick moved to San Francisco to further his music career and Martin went back to school to further his education in audio and multimedia. More than a decade would go by before Kendrick and Martin reunited to continue what they started all those years ago. This time however, they have left the traditional confines of turntables and vinyl mixing, for the freedom that digital audio offers to create new music live.